Americans: Our next big property buyers?

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Thailand has again been highlighted as a growing tourism destination by Americans.

A new report from InsureMyTrip has ranked the most popular destinations for U.S. travelers during 2017.

While the Caribbean and Europe were favoured by many Americans, Alaskans ranked Thailand as their fourth top overseas destination last year, behind the United Kingdom, Mexico and Canada, and ahead of Germany.

More generally Thailand was highlighted as a destination that was seeing more interest from American travelers last year.

Last month ThailandProperty.News published the results of another tourism survey that also saw Thailand named as the top tourist spot in Southeast Asia for American travelers.

So why is this news important for Thailand’s property and real estate industry?

There are proven links around the world between tourism and eventual property purchases.

We’ve seen it here in Thailand with Japanese, Russians and citizens from Eastern Europe, and right now there’s the onslaught from China.

Last month Andrew Batt, the Founder and Editor of ThailandProperty.News spoke to some Bangkok real estate agents who were keen to tap into the growing Chinese interest from China.

When he told them I first wrote about this trend four years ago, and that they were essentially more than that behind other agencies and developers, he also suggested that they keep watching for the next overseas buying trend.

Americans. That’s our prediction, based on the tourism data and past experiences.

It’s not going to happen overnight, much the same as the Chinese invasion has taken time to gather momentum, but by focusing on American overseas property buyers now, as a real estate agent you can at least be one of the first in the sector.

Andrew Batt
The author of this article is Andrew Batt, the founder and editor of Andrew has been writing about property and real estate issues in Thailand and Southeast Asia for more than 10 years. He has worked for PropertyGuru Group, DDproperty, Dot Property Group, Hipflat and AsiaRents. He has also produced content for leading Thailand property developers and real estate agencies.


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