Ashton Asoke starts transfers

Ashton Asoke
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Property developer Ananda has started transferring ownership of the first units at its Ashton Asoke condominium.

The central Bangkok property had earlier been the subject of issues relating to its building permits and Environmental Impact Assessment, according to media reports.

Finance houses had earlier commented on the situation and issued advice to their clients that hold shares in the listed company.

In a statement to the Stock Exchange of Thailand today, Ananda said that it started to transfer units last Friday, and that this: “… significantly impacts the overall operation of the company.”

The sold-out development has 783 units over 50 floors.

Resale units are already hitting the market, with one prominent property portal listing 375 units for sale.

At the end of morning trading today (Monday), shares in Ananda were up 3.39 percent on the day.

ADDITIONAL: In a later additional statement to the Stock Exchange of Thailand, Ananda said it had: ” …waited for the permission of the Certificate of Building Construction and Use, which was the reason that the Company hasn’t transferred the ownership of the condominium units by the time specified in the first quarter of 2018.”

Ashton Asoke sales

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    I can assure you the original story and the associated facts was correct at the time it was published, and verified by at least three independent sources. It was only two of three days later that the necessary permits were obtained, hence this follow-up story. I would add that no other English media who covered the original story have published a follow-up to confirm the transfers have now started.

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  7. Dear Anon,
    No – not at all. If you check the company’s disclosures to the Stock Exchange of Thailand and the research reports from various finance houses, you will see the company was only granted the required building permits in the middle of this month. It did not have the required permits to enable transfers until then, despite construction being completed in Q4 of 2017. Unlike the one other publisher that reported the original story, we have published this subsequent news to clarify that things are now in order.
    Thank you for your comment.

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