Bangkok’s property sector set for big changes

Bangkok's property sector
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Bangkok’s property sector will change considerably within the next nine years.

The Thai capital is in the process of completing 11 new mass-transit routes that will cover more than 480 milometres when finished.

Yesterday, Deputy Transport Minister Pailin Chuchottaworn delivered a lecture focusing on the government’s mega-project investment plans.

The event focused on the property sector.

Minister Pailin assured Bangkok residents that the development of the mass-transit networks will be complete and operational by 2027.

He said the completion of these projects will make Bangkok one of the world’s top five cities with the longest rail routes.

Bangkok’s property sector will change, he added, because more investors will likely be more interested in land along the rail routes.

Investments will be made to accommodate people, both from Bangkok and other provinces, who look for their own residential properties, he said.

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