Editorial Standards

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To enhance the editorial integrity and reputation of ThailandProperty.News, this Editorial Code of Standards has been introduced. It is a requirement for anyone writing for this website – whether staff or freelance contributors – to sign to acknowledge this document.

We will keep our word with sources, protecting their identities when necessary for their safety or personal welfare and honouring background and off-the-record comments.

When we are representing ThailandProperty.News we will act professionally, and with integrity, at all times.

We will always endeavor to accurately and honestly report the truth.

We do not accept paid-for content in any form. Stories are published based on their news value alone.

We will act independently and be accountable for everything we publish in any medium.

If we have a personal, business or financial relationship with a story or source, we will remove ourselves from that story and inform our publisher.

Copy for publication will not be released externally, including to a source, prior to publication. Individual quotes and facts may be reviewed with sources in the interests of accuracy, but never entire stories or sections of stories.

We will not accept free gifts. Anything of a value of US$ 50 or more will be declined, donated to charity or raffled to raise money for good causes.

We will never use the name of ThailandProperty.News to get access to an event, or to get free tickets.

We will never accept payment from any source for coverage, or to “kill” a story.

Regarding editorial participation in social media, we are always mindful that even though we may be using such tools for personal purposes, we are public figures and our actions on social media channels reflect on ThailandProperty.News.

Editorial staff are expected to conduct themselves on social media channels with integrity, honesty and without bias.

Editorial and content staff members will not accept payment or other inducements to promote events through their personal social networking accounts.

ThailandProperty.News will investigate any complaint regarding its editorial and content promptly. If we are wrong, we will admit it and publish a correction or clarification at the earliest opportunity.

First published January 2018