How to attract long-term renters

long-term renters
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Thailand’s new property rental law comes into effect next Tuesday, and a challenge for all Thai landlords is be to encourage long-term renters.

Renters are increasingly looking for wide-ranging services and amenities

A large number of tenants are looking for pet-friendly homes with no premiums, and for those posted to work in Bangkok on a long-term basis they will be looking for multi-year tenancy agreement.

On-site concierge services are shaping the future of rental sectors around the world, especially in London.

With private renters outnumbering homeowners in London, competition is fierce from landlords looking to attract loyal renters.

There is now an unprecedented opportunity for rental developments to shape their services to attract and maintain long-term renters..

One such British company, from whom Thailand can learn, is be:here Hayes.

The company starts by appealing to renters’ wallets, with no agency, administration or referencing fees and lower deposits (just one month’s rent – in London).

It also includes free, super-fast 30 mbps broadband for all tenants.

Everything is managed start to finish by the local tea. The management is are available to assist residents with a range of matters, from shopping deliveries, booking taxis through to maintenance and repairs.

Be has invested for the long-term, and wants its residents to do the same. They offer flexible long-term tenancies.
Security comes next with 3-year tenancies now available at the multi award-winning development offering residents peace of mind,  followed by services

Hayley Wills, Area Manager of be:here Hayes, said: “As the number of renters continues to increase, landlords must evolve their offering if they are to provide developments that are viable over the longer term.”

“Modern tenants expect far more than those of years gone by; they want superb homes with good services and additional amenities that enable them to live a modern, urban lifestyle.”

Renting from a build-to-rent provider like be:here Hayes, rather than an old-fashioned private landlord, comes with other benefits too.

The company’s apartments are furnished by Habitat and are pet-friendly, for example – a long way from the shabby, second hand furnishings and ‘no pets’ rules that old-school rental accommodation still tries to get away with.

“The face of rental accommodation is changing. Old-fashioned landlord practices and attitudes have no place in the modern marketplace. Landlords that don’t appreciate that fact will soon find themselves left behind,” added Willis.

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