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EXCLUSIVE: Interest from overseas buyers for Thailand property saw a massive rebound during August according to a monthly ‘Top of the Props’ report by a leading British overseas property portal.

Having languished well outside of the top ten most-searched overseas property destinations on for more than seven months, interest from overseas buyers in Thailand real estate returned last month.

Thailand was ranked as the fourth most-searched destination for overseas buyers, up 23 places month-on-month, accounting for 2.87 percent of all searches on the property website.

At the height of what was previous considered to be the ‘low season’ for Thailand property, this news must be a positive sign for property and real estate in the Kingdom.

Spain accounted for 5.81 percent of all enquiries on during August, enough to leapfrog former number one destination, the U.S., and seize the top spot. This was the third time Spain has been the most popular country during 2017.

“International interest in Spanish real estate has remained strong throughout 2017, despite the start of Brexit talks between the U.K. and the European Union,” said director Dan Johnson.

The U.S. was the second most popular destination during August. The country has ranked in first place for seven months of the year so far. Enquiries for U.S. property have risen by 6 percent in the three months to August 2017 compared with the previous three-month period.

France followed Spain in flying up the chart to third place with 3.65 percent of enquiries. This is the first time this year that France has ranked in the top three countries on

Turkey and Thailand both enjoyed a return to popularity, with fifth place Turkey seeing enquiries rise by 22 percent over the three months to August, while fourth-ranked Thailand re-entered the top 10 for the first time in seven months and the second time this year.

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