Thailand in top ten places to invest

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THAILAND EXCLUSIVE: Thailand has been ranked in the top ten countries to invest in during 2018.

The survey from multi-platform publisher U.S. News and World Report, ranked Thailand as its eighth ‘Best Country to Invest’ for 2018.

The report uses a detailed methodology to rank countries, and uses a plethora of metrics to arrive at its rankings.

Perhaps not such good news is that some of its regional competition for investment were ranked higher in this survey.

The Philippines was ranked top, and named the best country to invest in during 2018

Indonesia was ranked second, with the European country of Poland in third place.

Malaysia was ranked in fourth place with Singapore one place behind in fifth.

Earlier this year Thailand was ranked 27th of 80 surveyed “Best Countries”, and also achieved the top spot in the “Best Countries to Start a Business” category.

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