Why we are different

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What makes ThailandProperty.News different from other property websites and publishers?

It is simple. We have no ulterior motives. We tell it as it is and let you decide. We are not influenced by factors such as advertising. Everything on ThailandProperty.News is published because of its news value alone, and not because it’s paid for.

We also publish property stories that you will not be able to read elsewhere, and many times we have been first to break Thailand property news stories – in many cases days ahead of mainstream media and other property websites.

Every press release or comment from a property developer or real estate agent has a job to do – sell property. They will rarely report anything negative.

What we do is provide an independent and balanced view of the entire Thailand property and real estate market. Yes, we do publish news from developers and agents – but we have a voice too.

Ultimately, we provide the most trustworthy, and often unique Thailand property news and let you decide if it’s news you can use.